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M2M for beginners December 3, 2011

Posted by reto wettach in entrepreneurship, innovative interfaces, new technologies, physical interaction design, prototyping tools.

I just re-submitted a fund application for developing an M2M-development environment for non-engineers, following the philosophy of Processing, Arduino and Fritzing. Today, my colleague Stefan Hermann pointed out to me the project Twine, which is currently applying for crowd funding.

(image source)

Twine was invented by the two MIT-grads David Carr and John Kestner and already received more than 160K in funding! Well done and good luck!

(video source)



1. Harald Naumann (@H_Naumann) - December 3, 2011

Maybe you like my M2M proposals at

Anyhow my Blog is great source for free of charge information related to wireless M2M. Any link or any recommendation to your business friends is welcome.

BTW, I can help with a WIFI adapter for the Arduinos as well. I do not understand why Twine is looking for USD 90000 founding, if somthing close the same is available on open source.

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