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Feel the Screen December 3, 2011

Posted by reto wettach in innovative interfaces, new technologies, physical interaction design.

One major challenge with touchscreens is the tactile feedback, which is enriching any Human-Computer-Interaction. A lot of diffenrent approaches have been developed, ranging from Ivan Poupyrev‘s touch engine (2002) to Chris Harrison’s and Scott Hudson’s pneumatic displays:

Now, a new solution is hitting the blogosphere, by a company called Senseg: They are using dynamic electrostatic field to create changing sensations on the finger tips of the user. They call this system “tixel” – derived from “tactile pixels”:

(image source)

Too bad, I didn’t have the chance so far to try this system, but according to CNET it really feels great. A great advantage of this system is that there are no mechanical parts involved. The system should be on the market with “12 to 24” months…

(image source)

(via Robert Siuda on incom; thanks!)



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