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Pixel Everywhere… on Cars? December 2, 2011

Posted by reto wettach in innovative interfaces, media art, new technologies, poetic.

Well, the fantasy is quite old: with the rising of Ubiquitous Computing many research labs proposed the idea of “Pixel Everywhere” and suggested interesting interaction paradigms with this idea.

(image source)

 For example, Claudio Pinhanez suggested in 2001 a “Everywhere␣Displays␣Projector”, which would turn a space into an area covered with pixels (see image above). Jun Rekimoto suggested a range of interesting interaction paradigms for such an environment, as the Pick-and-Drop concept, earlier explained in this blog, here with a more spatial use-case:

(image source)

On the 2011 Tokyo Motor Show Toyota showed the concept car Fun Vii (huh, what an innovative name), which has this idea of pixel everywhere: One can change the look of the car instandly:

(image source)

(image source) (here more variations of decorative art on the car)

The concept of pixel everywhere is not only used for decoration, but also for meaningful interactions:

(image source)

More meaningful interactions (as we always wanted to make publicly visible who of our friends has birthday or who left us an SMS)

(images source)

(image source)

The weirdest use-case for this concept car is to use it for advertisement while being parked. I am wondering, who is controlling the ad on my car – maybe it is in exchange for a free parking?

(image source)

This concept reminds me a little bit of the work “Optical Camouflage” by Prof. Susumu Tachi: I would love to use this car to make it invisible!!!

(image source)(the movie for this image: Optical Camouflage)




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