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IAA: Smart Phones and Cars September 22, 2011

Posted by reto wettach in gadgets, innovative interfaces, mobile, physical interaction design.

A big topic for interaction designers at this year’s IAA was the marriage of smart phones and cars. I found the following scenarios:

1. SmartPhone –> Key –> Car

(own image)

Delphi is proposing their “Key Fob Technology“: in the scenario presented at the IAA the user looks up a route on his smartphone. In the next step, he holds his car key to the smart phone, which transfers the data to the car key (via NFC). And then, when staring his car with this key, the information lands in the car and the in-car-navigation system.

Well, I am not sure why the car key acts as data tranferer. I liked the blinking at the slot for the car key. And I like the observation that there are two situations – the planning of a journey and the journey itself.

Talking to the people from Delphi I also discussed the following scenario, which they completely refused as they don’t see the necessary security standards being implemented in normal smart phones.

2. Smart Phone <–> Car

Continental is suggesting in their solution called AutoLinq to use the smart phone not only to open your car (!), but also to control vital functions of your car. One scenario they are suggesting is to personalize your dash board with you phone by dragging icons of features in the direction of the dashboard:

(own image)

Reminds me of the work by my old colleague Jun Rekimoto, who suggested already in 1998 the so called “Pick and Drop“-system, which allows to drag digital items within a multi-computer environment.

Another scenario with AutoLinq was the idea to check the pressure in the tires through your mobie phone:

(own image)

Other companies are suggesting to control the seat through mobile phones…

I guess this is the right way to go, but I also think that there are security and privacy aspects which needs to be resolved. I am not talking about encryption and other technical security issues (I take those for granted), but through the interface: who is allowed to do what? how does the owner knows what is happening? etc. Interesting challenges!



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