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IFA: Ladybug robot kit by JS-ROBOTICS September 12, 2011

Posted by reto wettach in gadgets, learning, physical interaction design.

(own image)

(image source)

At the IFA I had a wonderful encounter with Jin Sato from JS ROBOTICS, the inventor of the Ladybug robot kit. Sato-san was so excited to meet someone from the Fritzing-team that he needed to take a picture immediately:

(image: Jin Sato)

I really like the concept behind Sato-san’s educational robot: one can program this robot without typing, “without PC” as Sato brings it to the point. The robot is very simple – movement is for example done through 2 vibrating motors and placing the robot on two tooth brushes (without the handle!):

(images source)

The next bigger version has wheels…

The programming works through a 6-bit command encryption which is called M-code: the user just draws the 6-bit-version of a command on a special grid and the robot learns the software by being moved over this grid. The four light-sensors are reading the “software”. Here the list of possible commands:

(images source: JS ROBOTICS hand-out during IFA 2011)

Here you can find an nice instructional video (in Japanese) for this robot:

I hope I will soon be able to try out this robot with my children or with my students!



1. max - October 12, 2011

Geat ! where can you buy the kit from?

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