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IFA: Data Transmission over Ceiling Light September 12, 2011

Posted by reto wettach in new technologies, poetic.

At the IFA I particulary like the hall with all the research institutions. There is always entertaining and interesting stuff to find. This year I was surprised by the Fraunhofer (Heinrich Hertz Institute), which displayed data transmission over ceiling light:

(image source)

Today they already can reach a speed of 500 Mbit/s over a distance of 5 m, which is ok within buildings. I saw their demo and one could not see anything in the light.The main problem the researchers currently face is the problem of interference between the two directions.

Well, it is like going back to the roots – of Morse!

(image source)

First of all this made me think of all the people, who suffer from electro smog – what a great relief for them!

At the same time I like the idea that streaming data is like handling light: Imagine transmitting data with a torch: “Kleine Taschenlampe brennt, schreib ich lieb dich in den Himmel…” (siehe Markus)




1. Rossie Rubow - December 3, 2012

LED ceiling lights are always the best since they consume less electricity.^

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