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E-Mobility Hub July 20, 2011

Posted by reto wettach in making the invisible visible, service design, sustainable interaction design.

One of our current projects with a major German car manufacturer is the development of a unique experiences when charging an electronic vehicle.

This is in fact a great service touch point, which offers e-car manufacturers the opportunity to distinguish from other brands.

Fraunhofer, one of Germany’s largest research organizations, has been looking into e-mobility since 2009. In this presentation Florian Rothfuss, the leader of this area, discusses various aspects of e-mobiliy. I particulary like his concept “From the car park to e-Mobility Hub (Aus Parkhaus und Auto wird der E-Mobility Hub)”, where he turns the spot for charging an e-car into a rich experience:

(image source)

In this concept I do not only like the idea of extending the e-car-experience into novel services (as e.g. renting a segway), but also that the facility itself turns into an extension of the philosophy of an e-car: with transforming the car park building into a green support for the city, the good deed of driving an e-car gets expanded, which is a nice additional service for the drivers!



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