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Sidlee Boot Camp July 12, 2011

Posted by reto wettach in innovation process, play, theory.

Today Christian Holzheid, who is working with IxDS and with me on my research project “Experience the Energy“, talked in today’s pre-work-talk about her experience at the Sid Lee Boot Camp.

Sid Lee  is a very creative advertisement agency with headquarters in Montréal. For their client Fatboy they organized this creative boot camp with 8 participants from all over the world. They basically used a viral campaign in facebook and others to recruit and for the recruitment they did this nice video:

According to Christiane over 500 people applied and Sid Lee carefully selected 4 women and 4 men – all with different specializations within the design disciplin – as architect, graphic designer or media designer.

And then these people worked together for 10 days, really hard! All in one big warehouse, nicely designed for them and the topic, a lot of inspirations from various people, visits at really cool places as the Cirque du Soleil headquarter (with a training unit in high-wire performance), of course parties all the time and very little sleep. If you want to see more about the process and the results, you can find tons of material here.From Christiane I know that the client was also very happy about the outcome of this project and that all people involved had a lot of fun!

I am impressed about this approach, about the love to detail the organizers had and about how happy Christiane was that she could participate.

For me this Boot Camp is a quite extreme form of the method “Co-Design” as Liz Sanders is suggesting it and as we are doing it at IxDS: With Co-Desigh we mean to involve all stakeholders into the creative process – most importantly of course the people who are going to buy and use the outcomes of this process. We usually do one-day-workshops with all these stakeholders, but doing a 10-days-boot camp is of course much more intense and gives deeper results! And to provide all these inspirations – outside of the physical working space – is also a good idea we should do ourselves!

I am also thinking of  the learning curve of such an approach. Actually Christiane mentioned this also in her talk. And being a professor I ofter think that it would be so much more fun and effective if I could take my students to boot camps instead of seeing them once a week for a couple of hours.

Thanks for you talk, Christiane!



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