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Plakatzeichner June 2, 2011

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I went to DMY 2011 last night and saw a couple of nice installations, one which I like for its poetic approach to robotic art. It was done by Simon Deeg and Andreas Picker (from milz) and supervised by my friend Claudius Lazzeroni. Simon and Andreas created a robitc arm, which drives a pen – “by an interaction between the user and the machine: You tape – he draws”. So, the user sticks tapes in three different colors on a piece of paper and then the arm draws based on some secret algorithm lines between the tapes. I liked the simplistic, yet very poetic approach of this work.

(I didn’t take pictures, because I was sure I would find pictures online – but I was wrong. So this is a picture of the printout, which was handed out at the event)

I am sure that this work was inspired by the wonderful analog drawing machines by Claudius, which he calls solographs. Claudius defines solographs as “physical situations which leave their marks”- in face they are machines, which move a pen more or less randomly.

(image source)

They are not only beautiful to watch (as here), but also creat quite aesthetic results, which are a nice antipole or addendum to Claudius’ other passion, Generative Gestaltung.





1. Jack Tait - November 2, 2011


I am seeking reactions to forming a MACHINE DRAWING SOCIETY on Facebook perhaps to share knowledge and help with those interested in making machines.
What do you think?
Let me know your reaction. machinedraw@btconnect.com. My website is Taitographs and also linked to latest site. Recently completed a PhD by Practice on Programmable Analogue Drawing Machines at Manchester MIRIAD writing up 50 years work and research.

kind regards
Dr. Jack Tait

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