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Peppermill and the license agreement April 16, 2011

Posted by reto wettach in innovative interfaces, legal, new technologies, physical interaction design.

I am big fan of  peppermill project by Nic Villar and Steve Hodges:at TEI 2010 in Boston he presented this wonderful concept for a remote control: through a rotary input device the user is not only controlling something (e.g. TV), but also generating the enegry needed to make the device communicate wirelessly.

We need to think more into this direction to make interaction design more sustainable!

At the Microsoft Software Summit every attendee was given the circuit board for building his or her own peppermill. Thanks, Nic!

Nic told me an interesting story related to this gift: when they had the idea of making the peppermill PCB a give-away, they had to consult with the Microsoft legal department: those guys wanted to make everyone sign a 4-pages-legal agreement, which is kind of nasty for a gift… So, Nic worked hard on reducing the legal statement so that it would fit on a postcard. Plus, and this is the nice thing, without having anybody to sigh:

Nice: by removing a PCB from a postcard, I agree to the legal conditions!

I guess if we do more innovative hardware interfaces, we will have to learn a lot about the legal impacts! What a nightmare!!!



1. chris - April 16, 2011

will there be a peppermill board at the fritzing laboratory @ FHP to play with ?

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