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Nice Analogy May 15, 2007

Posted by reto wettach in theory.

Mark Weiser, one of the most important thinkers related to Physical Interaction Design, used a nice analogy for computers in his ground-breaking text “The Computer for the 21st Century“:

It [the computer] is approachable only through complex jargon that has nothing to do with the tasks for which which people actually use computers. The state of the art is perhaps analogous to the period when scribes had to know as much about making ink or baking clay as they did about writing.

This was 1991 and is still true today – there is still a lot to do for us!



1. steph tichenor - September 7, 2007

hi reto, how are you.
its your old neighbor stephanie tichenor (james’ wife)
hope you are well.

2. zsolt - October 5, 2007

hi reto,
whats up. it’s zsolt your old friend from former (wild) times.
i just read that you initiated an oss project called fritzing. (http://fritzing.org/).

3. table - April 1, 2010

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