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String-based Interfaces July 14, 2006

Posted by reto wettach in innovative interfaces, making the invisible visible, mobile, physical interaction design.

A string is a nice way to represent a 1-dimensional set of data through length.


This alarm clock by Duck Young Kong is set by pulling a string; the length of the string is representing the time remaining until the alarm goes off. This is interesting, because here input and feedback are done through the same media – the string. I am wondering why the designer did not add some kind of scale to the string so that reading becomes easier (in an earlier post I am describing a system, which does this).


The string has also been one of the earliest expamles for Ambient Interfaces: the LiveWire by Natalie Jeremijenko. In her case, she not using the lenght to communicate information, but the activity of the wire: the more the wire dangles, the more net work traffic is happening in the building in this moment. (image by Marek Plichta)

An interface based on a rectractable string was recently presented by Gabor Blasko et.al.: in this case not only the length of the pulled string is used to receive information, but also the angle in a polar coordinate system. Additionally Blasko is adding LEDs to the string to create a “1-D-display”. Scenarios of how to work with this interface include mail reading and calendar checking.
(images are courtesy of Gabor Blasko)



1. tzu hsi - January 19, 2007

tzu hsi

gimmemoney 196169 tzu hsi application

2. tuberculosis of the spine - February 5, 2007

tuberculosis of the spine

SomegifttoME 196169 tuberculosis of the spine co

3. ruth copeland - March 27, 2007

ruth copeland

ruth copeland author

4. nip slip - March 31, 2007

nip slip

News about nip slip.

5. teen angels magazine - April 1, 2007

teen angels magazine

Catalogue of teen angels magazine.

6. Nathan Fain - May 27, 2007

Reminds me of Thomas Jeffersons clock:
Throughout the week, the top ball on the right-hand set of weights reveals the day and even the approximate hour as it falls past markers on the wall, with Sunday at the top and Saturday at the bottom.

7. dose flonase nasal spray - May 31, 2007

dose flonase nasal spray

The dose flonase nasal spray

8. 2007 ncaa schedule tournament - May 31, 2007

2007 ncaa schedule tournament

ka-ka-sh-ka 1027236 2007 ncaa schedule tournament intro

9. photo oral - June 7, 2007

photo oral

ka-ka-sh-ka 1027236 Information source about photo oral.

10. 2e2a6ba791fd419a76f12011d13973e1 - June 29, 2007



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