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Braille for Non-Blinds… June 14, 2006

Posted by reto wettach in biofeedback, innovative interfaces, physical interaction design.

Oren Horev, one of the last generation student at IDII, is exploring in his MA thesis the potential of ShapeShifters.


Inspired by the concept of the toy PinPression (here a digital version from 2003) Oren developed the idea of the tactile representation of information on a mobile phone. He is suggesting to having a tactile display area on the back of the mobile, which – from my point of view – makes more sense than the visual display – at least while talking on the phone. Oren is calling his phone the TactoPhone.

In a video prototype Oren is exploring different shapes for tactile icons, or Tactons as he is calling it.

Oren also developed application scenarios, which he is showing through short videos. I especially like the idea of using the Tactons also as input by pressing them like buttons.

When watching one of the video scenarios, I was surprise to see how the hand of the user is interacting with the device: the finger tips are waiting in one row until something tactile sensation arrives. Then they start exploring the surrounding environment. I think that the user would always want to try to grasp the entire area by putting as much as possible of his hand on the area.


Oren's project is an interesting exploration of Ivan Poupyrev's LUMEN, which is a working prototype of such a display plus the idea of making each tactive pixel also a visual pixel.



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