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Job Offer! May 16, 2006

Posted by reto wettach in jobs.



For a 5-months research project I am looking for an Interaction Designer, who would like to play a major role in an academic project – sponsored by the industry.

Starting from the Apple patent for Gestures for touch sensitive input devices and from research as Navigation with spatially aware handheld displays we will do a creative exploration of tactile interaction with handheld devices.

I am looking for somebody, who is familiar with the status-quo in this area (research and art) and who is also able to conceptually develop new interaction design ideas and implement them with what we call "just-enough-prototyping"-techniques (as e.g. video prototyping and physical computing).

What I am mostly excited about in this project is that there is budget for experts to help us and that we will even be able to invite a research-guru from Japan and one from the US to give us feedback! 

The project will be starting as soon as possible and taking place in Berlin (during the World-Cup – if anybody cares). Please contact me: wettach (a) fh-potsdam.de



1. we make money not art - May 16, 2006

Job offer for interaction designer…

My friend Retto Wettach is looking for an Interaction Designer, who would like to play a major role in an academic project – sponsored by the industry. The project investigates tactile interaction with mobile devices and Retto is looking for……

2. Res Finger - May 17, 2006

Hello Retto Wettach

My name is Res Finger, an I studied Interaction Design at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Zurich (www.hgkz.ch). At the moment I am working on a TV Set-Top-Box interface project for Siemens Zurich. Your job description sounds very interesting to me. I hope, that you are still looking for someone… I am so motivated to work on this project. You can take a look at my portfolio at http://www.spontan500.ch. Please contact me. Kind regards

Res Finger


Res Finger
Dipl. Interaction Designer FH

Sonnmattweg 22
3604 Thun

+41 (0)79 680 31 13



3. Design Enterprise » Blog Archive » New Media Design Scene - October 16, 2006

[…] We Make Money Not Art is truly a champion in displaying what the author is able to do. I’m really suprised when I stumbled across the amount of content that I can go through, and the quality of enjoyment from reading it. It sure shares links and thoughts on the ‘newest’ technology and gadget that is live, but the diversity of the content and links with the design industry. Expect you’ll read through various weird inventions from the land of the rising sun, and as well crazy suprises from the MIT dudes, what’s more, it might prove that most of the findings would be the technology of tomorrow. Related to the post above, Interaction Design is one interesting blog I came across while browsing for design blogs, and guess what, things such as an interactive spoon that would react, interact to improve your cooking skills. Not bad eh. And they’re looking for collaboration for a research project. […]

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