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Interaction with mobile devices and the real world April 26, 2006

Posted by reto wettach in mobile, physical interaction design, rfid.

NFC(Near Field Communication) is how the mobile phone industry calls RFID for phones: A reader is build into the mobile phone and acts as a tag at the same time. This leads to number of use cases (Nokia) as: the hip teen can download music (Nokia) related to a movie by reading the tag on the poster. or: the craftman, who needs to read meters (Nokia). French Telecom has also a nice movie on application scenarios like paying with the phone or Location-Based Services.


Interesting is the feature that allows phones to read tags and be a tag at the same time. This reminds me of an interesting interface solution by Rekimoto at Sony's CSL: he is suggesting FEEL, a gesture-based interaction to establish communication between to networked devices. So the pairing doesn't need to be performed.


Another interesting interaction method was also developed by Rekimoto: Pick-and-Drop. With the quite natural gesture of picking screen-based objects (data) through a pen and dropping these objects on other screen-based computers an easy way of transfering data could be achieved.


Mathias Dahlström developed in his thesis at IDII a gesture-based language for sharing data (in his case: music). I particulary like his idea of sending data by making a throwing gesture towards the receiver.



1. Matt - May 16, 2006

Have you seen Timo Arnall’s “Touch Project”?


2. Where am I? | Innovative Communication - July 7, 2006

[…] What would it be like to have a reader and a tag build into your mobile phone: You just hold it up against any object or sign that has additional links build into it. Imagine that you wake up in some unknown city and ask yourself: Where am I ? Then you would just hold the mobile phone to the window and the phone would tell you: “Welcome to Tokyo. The temperature is now 34 degrees and humidity is very high. Remember to bring an umbrella with you”. […]

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