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NADA – Another Physical Prototyping Environment March 15, 2006

Posted by reto wettach in prototyping tools.


As Interaction Design is going beyond the desktop, tools to prototype interactive ideas are becoming more and more important. Today I read about Nada, a Microcontroller by a company called “Sketch Tools – Technology is great, when it dissapears”. Their microcontroller costs 100$. They seem to be quite new, because there are no entries in “gallery” nor in “forum”. Technically they are close to Flash and Java and I don’t see any advantage to the system, I am using right now: Arduino.



1. Matt Cottam - May 25, 2006

Hello, Sketchtools doesn’t make this hardware controller, Making Things (makingthings.com) does–it is called Teleo. Making Things is also working with Oreilly on the new Make Controller. Sketchtools makes NADA–a piece of software that acts as a glue layer between most popular hardware like Teleo, MIDI, Phidgets and etc, and Flash and Java. The idea was to connect elements that people were already familiar with, owned and had support resources for. Please read Sketchtools.com for more information — and yes, the forums and galleries are still bare – it is a brand new site and brand new product – please contribute.

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