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Mirror Neurons and America’s Army March 11, 2006

Posted by reto wettach in play.


The US Army has developed the high-end computer game America's Army (trailer), in which the player can go through a very realsisticly shown training and then paricipate in online war games. What looks like a quite boring marketing campaign, stands in a completely different light once you learn more about mirror neurons:

15 years ago, scientists studying monkeys noticed that the cells in the brain that fire when a monkey holds a peanut fire in the exact same way when the monkey simply sees someone holding a peanut. Called mirror neurons because they behave as if the monkey were watching itself in the mirror, these neurons allow the monkey to empathize, or automatically understand the experience of holding the peanut, without actually having to hold the peanut itself. (link)

(Thanks to Mathias Ljundström)



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